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Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Posted by Greg Richardson on Nov 25, 2015 8:00:00 AM
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Friday the 13th. There is never a positive connotation to that unique day of the month, mostly thanks to a series of scary movies featuring a devious villain named Jason. After the events in Paris on Friday, November 13, 2015, we have another, much scarier villain and a much more real reason to not like that particular day of the month.

Let me say, first and foremost, we are terribly grief stricken. We are hurt and are deeply saddened for the city of Paris, the country of France, and all of humanity. This hits even closer to home for us as our French office is located near Paris and we work very closely each week. 

As we begin to process this ugly tragedy and try to somehow move forward, our internal discussions have begun to focus on what we can do to help the world from a business standpoint. We are using the events in Paris as added motivation to design and build products that can ensure our society is a better, safer place. Our global tag line says it all: “Gunnebo - For a safer world.” Now, the world is looking at us to live it out as an organization. To practice what we preach. And to deliver on our promises.

If you walk the halls of Gunnebo offices here in the US, you'll notice an increased passion around some of our newest products because we know they can make a difference. Don’t misunderstand. This is not a drive to simply make a buck or to use a global atrocity to line our pockets. Instead, our primary motivation is to make our communities safer and to do our small part to win this global war on terror. Simply stated, we know we can help make entrances more secure, monitor the flow of people, and ultimately keep the bad guys from doing bad things.

Even this very second, our sales and marketing associates are discussing how our secure entrance vestibules with bullet resistant glass, coupled with security cameras and CCTV, can be packaged together to build a complete security solution for schools, theaters, government buildings, commercial buildings, and on and on. We are meeting with current and prospective customers on a weekly basis and discussing how they can proactively upgrade their buildings and implement the best possible security solutions before the next horrific event can even be conceived by our enemies. Ultimately, we know our products can help save the lives of those in our communities, including our very own families, and that gets us excited. We take this stuff very seriously as we see how it can have a direct impact on our own neighborhoods.

You have our commitment that we will do everything we can to produce security solutions designed to prevent these villains from succeeding. As we mourn another awful night in history, the question becomes how should we move on?  For the best answer, I’ll quote a friend of mine who said we need to focus on what is most important to each of us.

“Go see your close ones. Hug them and tell them that you love them. Life can be short.” Let's have a conversation about your needs

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